Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween is Stupid

I don't get it. Really I just don't! How can people say "Halloween is my favorite holiday!!!!!" Umm...??...??? So at best you get to dress your house up scary, sit in a chair, still, so you can scare the crap out of kids coming for candy. Or dress up your kids, let them go get candy and then they get a sugar rush for the next week, that is unless you start eating candy too and you gain 5 lbs. How is that fun?
I remember being a kid in Utah bundling up tight cause some times it was snowing on Halloween and trekking through Stockton to get a boat load of candy. I loved that, I really did! I don't really remember starting to hate Halloween. I think I started to dislike it in middle school, when I stopped dressing up and collecting my candy. In high school I think we had to dress up, for school spirit as cheerleaders, but that was the extent of it.
I think my actual hatred for it was in college and people started dressing as skanky slut kittens, bunnies, etc. It's not even that I was jealous. In college I was 5'9" Size 4 I guess it's just that I respect myself too much to flaunt my shit all over.
Last night as promised Junior and I went to early vote, ate some Mexican, and came home to hide out in the basement. We watched tv, and shuttered when the dog needed to go outside. The stupid motion light kept coming on!! DO NOT ATTRACT CHILDREN DUKE! Oh just bark at them, well done. No one's coming within 50 of my backyard with a 120lb rottweiler barking.
Now that Halloween is over, lets bring on the REAL holidays! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! I can't wait! Just 25 days and its time to start decorating the house for Christmas!