Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Update with Amber

This weekend was pretty great! The Brothers of the Sun Tour was so fun, hot too, but super fun! Saturday we headed to Nashville about noon and didn't leave there until close to midnight. The line up started with Jake Owen (total hottie) and he did a great job on stage!

Then Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (who?!) came out and we promptly went for snacks and drinks! She was not great...at all. After her was Tim McGraw (super hottie) and his set was almost 2 hours and it was A-MA-ZING! He was high energy, entertaining and had great interaction with the crowd!

Then he brought out Faith Hill (O.M.G) and they sang "I need you" It was fantastic!

After Tim was "the headliner"-I use that term loosely, Kenny Chesney. He was ok. His entrance was cool. He popped up out of the sound booth and then flew around the stadium on this little seat that normally has cameras on it during football games.

He sang a few fast paced high energy songs and then that's when it all went south! He came on at 9pm mind you and then started singing a ton of slow songs...wtf. I've been out walking in the 95+ degree heat for over 8 hours and you sing slow songs, way to put me to sleep! Luckily at like 11 Tim came back and did some songs with him! Then for the last song they brought everyone back and closed it out right. All in all though, great day! I'd totally do it again.

Thanks Jen, for getting us the tickets!

Now on to a little office humor! I'm not sure if I've talked about this lady in my office that works over in Purchasing who is FUCKING BIPOLAR! She'll yell at you and then 10 minutes later she'll come to your desk and talk to you like nothing happened...skiiiir, what?! No, I don't think so!
Well anyway a few weeks ago for my birthday 3 ladies took me out to lunch, but before we left one of the managers asked if we were taking out my boss for his birthday, but nae, as his favorite place to eat was only open the next day so we were going to take him then, and me today. Well he asked if everyone was going and they told him no that there was just a few of the girls going. So he asked BPB (BiPolarBitch) if she was going and she said no she wasnt invited, and wasn't in our "clique" ... again, if you weren't such a bitch maybe someone would invite you!
Anyway today I get the news that the reason "We don't like" BPB is that we are jealous of how pretty she is ... ... ... Speechless ... ... She then tells the nice lady in purchasing that for an older lady she is still beautiful and people are jealous of her.  Words still escape me.

I made a club for the jealous folk here at the office...

If you're jealous of someone you work with you can totally cut it out also and put it on your desk!

Still...words escape me...I'll just sit here and shake my head.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sitting at my desk, sitting on the couch...Yep that about sums it up

So for the last week or so there has been ZERO to talk about. When Junior is TDY my life is rather drab and boring. I sit around, watch TV at night, play with Duke and Lola, and not much else. Not to mention that it's about a million degrees, so unless I'm on my way to an air conditioner I'm not going to be hanging about outdoors much.

Oh and next week should be good for posting, as tomorrow I'm headed to the Brothers of the Sun Tour with Tim McGraw/Kenney Chesney, and Junior comes home Wednesday! Woo! Here's to hoping that I don't catch on fire at LP Field tomorrow!

Monday, June 11, 2012

He's the best..No joke!

So Junior came home last night from his TDY trip in Albuquerque (I get him for 6 days, then he leaves again...sad panda) Anyway as I was finishing up dinner he came and handed me a UPS Package, with an apology for not wrapping it, and a card. After I wrastled (yes it's a southern word, shut up) the UPS bag open I found a custom made apron! You can see the original HERE but mine was white with PURPLE GLITTER lettering. I'm totally grilling in it later tonight and posting a picture of our awesomeness later.  Wait though, it gets better! I opened the card and after my rottweiler got done losing his shit at the singing card, I found a gift certificate for a Day at the Spa! OH MY GOD.. An Aveda Essential Facial, One-Hour Elemental Massage, lunch, and choice of an Elemental Hand Treatment or Elemental Foot Treatment. Now just the decision of when to take it!

Ok now on to some more work giggles. So remember last week when I thought I was getting fired, but my boss thinks I'm kinda awesome? Well the other day a manager mentioned that we needed more people in the area that I'm headed to, and the little grumpy lady got super pissed cause no one offered her the option. I turned around and asked her did she mention anything to him? Her response "Whatever I don't care" ... ... Are you effing kidding me?! Here's a couple things she could do to maybe, maybe be considered. 1. Stop bitching when someone asks her to do something out of the norm. 2. Be nicer to people. Not only the people that work with us, but to the 543512346 people that walk in and out of our offices on a daily basis. 3. Stop making 10 doctor appointments per week/ Work 40 hours CONSISTENTLY, not just once a month. 4. When the GM tasks you with something don't bitch out loud about it as his office is within arms reach of your desk. KTHX <3

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

OhmygodI'msofreakingtired! I'm back from Trip #2 to Florida in 3 weeks. Let me tell you how much driving 8 hours alone sucks! I swear I almost committed suicide due to boredom yesterday on my way back home. I can normally take it, no bigs, but driving that many times that close to each other, I'm totally not a fan, and if I can help it, it's not happening for a couple months or without Junior. Duke was with me, but he's not much for keeping me company, and he won't share in the driving! What a jerk, right?
He's real cute though

Anyway... So our weekend started Friday afternoon. We only had one wedding and one prep Friday so it wasn't bad, and I most all the prep work in TN last week so that was awesome! We did chair covers and ties at the Embassy Suites, and we also made fun of peoples shit taste! What the hell are people thinking when they are planning their weddings?!

 It's your wedding, not prom people!

Yeah I tied all those, I love it. Sad, I know.
That tacky purple shell fish bowl concoction wasn't even the worst one of the weekend! Saturday we had apples. Like girl loved apples!!! "OMG I LOVE APPLES"

Back on subject here. So there are my chair covers and ties. After that we had to set up the wedding on the beach. It was so pretty that day! Nice and cool on the water. We delivered some bouquets to the bridal party, dropped some benches off on the water, then had to wait for them to say their I Do's so we could load up and go home. 

 Tables for the reception

We have to entertain ourselves while we wait!

Saturday was a busy, BUSY day! I bet I logged 200 miles on my truck! At 7am we started at the house and then 3 vehicles went 3 ways! I headed to Rosemary Beach (never been? that's sad! It's wonderful) then to pick up vases from the previous nights wedding (btw- the guys are Cafe 30-A are douches) then to Destin for chair ties, then to Eglin AFB for more set up, then back to Destin to unload chairs, then back to Eglin to move chairs around and make sure the room was set to go. I left Eglin at 6:30pm went home for 3 hours for dinner and cake!
Thanks Paul! I love icing up my nose!

Then headed back to Eglin for clean up and chair removal! Our day ended a little after midnight. I know cause Sunday was my birthday and Junior called me at 12:00 exactly to wish me Happy Birthday ( I Love Him) and I was still not home yet!

 How the delivery van started the day!

How it ended the day! 
No flowers + 60 white chairs and misc crap from the day!

 Everyone wants peonies right now...so strange

Room 1 of 2 at Eglin

Room 2 of 2 at Eglin aka My Bloody Valentine wedding
(Don't hate, we can't make Brides make better choices!)

I made some nice money this weekend, got to see the family, celebrated my birthday. Now though, I'm exhausted! I'm taking a nap after work! If I don't, I swear I'll die! Junior is in Albuquerque now for TDY so I get to have another birthday on Sunday! I just hope this one isn't as tiring!