Friday, April 27, 2012

What happened?! Now, with Pictures!

So there are lots of fun things going on right now. We are fixing up the house and have finished 2 rooms are near done with the living area downstairs (damn you icky downstairs bathroom!!) and I'm a tiny bit of crown molding as a shoe rack away from my dressing room (the second spare bedroom) being done. Yes you heard that right, Junior let me turn a spare bedroom (the larger of the two) into my own dressing room/closet! He's the best boyfriend EVER! This is why I love him so much! This weekend though we will finish up everything that will make entertaining easier. The guest bedroom needs one more picture hung, the down stairs needs the components put into the beautiful floating entertainment center. It's all very exciting! I just wish I had pictures of the basement before we re-finished it. Picture this: lovely burnt orange colored carpeting, wood paneling painted grey, and the faint musty smell of "Chevy" the lab that lived down there with her owner a few months prior to me moving in. Every night I go home hoping to relax a little and end up working on the house, and by the end of the night we are completely exhausted! Thank goodness that we are damn near done, as my bank account really is dunzo! At least we can have a fun beautiful place to be poor and hang out!
Next thing... OMG my legs are KILLING ME!! I decided that since my prized size 6 jeans (I was a 10/12 this time last year) were getting a little too tight it's work out time! Ugh. 3 days ago I used the hip machine, this thing does like 8 different exercises on one machine! Anyway I exercised the heck out of my legs and yes 3 days later, I feel like someone punched me repeatedly on my thighs and where my dancers dimple is! My legs hurting this bad means no gym and that means no burning calories! No bueno!
Hopefully I can get some pics up soon of the house being all beautiful and such!

Until next time!
<3 Amber



 Custom entertainment center by Junior
 "Man Things" Shiny New Drums and Gun Safe
 My Dressing Room with Great-Grandma Reynolds' Vanity!
 My heels are up and off the floor! Thank God!
 Upstairs with my cat (she loves to jump in pictures)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh Joffrey, How I wish I could squish your little head with my heels

Lets talk for a few minutes about Game of Thrones. Please tell me that you love it as much as I do! If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about please educate yourself (Here and Here) about how fantastic this series is.  I'll wait ... ... ...  You're Welcome! Ok, moving on. First a big thank you to Junior for hooking me on this show, just what I need, another series that if I miss it I just want to die. Ok seriously it's time to talk about this little evil fucker Joffrey on the show. Last night he makes me think that he's going to kill his wonderful little Stark Bride-To-Be Sansa Thank goodness Tyrion comes in a belittles that little turd and has her led away to safety. THEN Tyrion figures that the adolescent has some "pent up aggression" so he sends him some whores (what an awesome uncle) and instead of taking his stress out on them he has one beat the other to death while he watches...WTF!? Junior thinks it's the inbreeding...Good point darling, you're probably right. I know that it's real sad to want a character on a show dead, but wow the writers on that show just know how to push you over the edge with him. We are currently taking bets on who is going to snap and slit Joffrey's throat. My bet is on Sansa getting pushed just a little to far and taking an opportunity to ram a dagger into him. Maybe his slut of a mom could do it, as evil as she is I think him slaughtering the babies of the city irked her. Anyway I don't care who does it, but someone should! STAT! Every Sunday at 8pm I'll be watching, waiting for his death, so please, I beg of you don't call or text during that hour. 

For your entertainment you can click here to see a YouTube video of Joffrey getting slapped for 10 minutes by Tyrion. It's highly amusing to leave it playing off to the side of your screen so you can catch a glimpse of it every so often and chuckle. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Deep breaths will save my (and your) life.

This week has been ridiculous in the "I've had it up to here and the next person that whines at/near/around my desk I will fucking strangle your ass" kind of way. Most days people will bitch and I can just smile, nod and throw out a non-committal "uh-huh." This week, not so much. I had to take every ounce of my being to not bitch slap people. Luckily this was only at work, so Junior was totally safe. For example a lady at work came in late, about 10:30 probably and did nothing but complain and bitch for 3 straight hours! HOW IS YOUR LIFE THAT BAD!? THREE HOURS! You missed 3.5 hours of work by choice! Today is Friday and my mood has very much improved, thank you Mr. Weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Awkward

So working back on the compound has been 97% awesome! Back to being able to see the people I missed so much while I was gone. Working 2 hangars away from Junior. Have a cake easy job. There is that 3% though that is so awkward! Back-story: I initially got a job working on the compound in 2009 working for DynCorp via a friend who write contracts for the unit that I met through my ex husband (the d-bag.) Really most of the time, it's not what you know, it's who you know. The d-bag was in the army at the time stationed here at Fort Campbell, he worked at the hangar next to mine and a lot of people knew him and me. So now a few times per month I run into someone who knew me as Mrs. Chewy (normally that's what they call me also) and have to explain to them that we're divorced and he's still going to school in another state. Then I get the whole "Oh man I'm so sorry" to which I normally want to say "It's ok I'm totally better off without that douche" but I just smile politely and tell them it's ok and it really is the best for both of us. Still though 3 months after the divorce was finalized and 8 months of being separated it's still a super awkward conversation that I don't enjoy having. If I only have to deal with 3% awkward though, I guess it's totally worth it. I really am happier than ever and am just enjoying my life.

Really though who wouldn't love this being their life?!
 Preparing a good bye speech

 Bye Jeff, we'll miss you!

 Gary, you are such a good window cleaner, Thank You!

 The Ladies of SOATC

 Some of my SOATC favorites

My SOATC favorite! This is how we roll

Friday, April 6, 2012

First Wold Problem

So today we're going to talk about my job. Why I love it normally, what could be better and today why I hate it! I currently work for Boeing & Sikorsky in their joint venture for the 160th at Fort Campbell. I know that sounds all super swoopy and important, but I'm an admin. Yeah I answer phones mostly. I sit at a desk in the front of our "building" (I use that term loosely, another day another post though) with another lady and greet people that come in, answer phones, kinda what ever needs to be done. Mostly though I blog, check Facebook, play DrawSomething (AmberLHolt look me up) with my mom, and talk to the people that don't annoy the shit outta me (I stare hard at my monitor trying to ignore them when a creeper comes up to my desk...rarely does it work though)

CHECK! Winner, right here!

There are some miscellaneous things I have to do each week too, like keep our food store stocked, order supplies, escort people onto our compound, and entertain my co-workers. Pretty awesome I think, with a not too shabby wage. There are a couple things that I need changed ASAP! I'm a smart girl, I can multitask like a champ, and pressure? Totally love it! So I need some more responsibilities! When I worked on the compound last time I took a job that a monkey could do in his sleep (except the lady before me, she was an effing moron! Good thing though, yay job for me!) and added like 10 things to my plate. People came to me for everything and I LOVED IT! They needed help with training... "Let's go see Amber" They needed a tool box inventory typed... "Let's go see Amber" They needed someone to drive them to the airport ... "Let's go see Amber"  They needed to bitch about their wives ... "Let's go see Amber" It was the best! Here though? Not so much. While it is nice to have a super easy job, sometimes it blows! I'm fairly certain on Wednesday I actually got the the end of Pinterest! It does exist I swear! Oh lets not forget the seven books I've read just while at work since January, you think I kid...3 Chelsea Handler Books, "White Girl Problems", "The First Husband", "Breaking Dawn", "I Hate Everyone (and other atrocious lies)" yeah that's 7! Thank god for the Kindle and it's many reading apps.

This brings us to today, and probably about 7 other days per year. Today is Good Friday and it's a DONSA for the Army and many of the other contractors. We, however, are working with 1 other company and that's it! There is NOTHING GOING ON TODAY! Looking out in our parking lot that we share with another hangar there is 15 cars. What makes it worse though is knowing that I'm sitting here doing, not a damn thing when I could be packing and leaving for Florida. Oh Florida how I long to see you!

I know it's super shitty to be complaining when I have a job and there are so many others that don't, but ... but...

Until next time

<3 Amber

Monday, April 2, 2012

I am such a dumb ass

Who loves boats? ME! I DO! Who thinks they're too bad ass to wear sunscreen out on the first outing of the year? ME! I AM! Why do we  I do this? Every Spring/Summer I go out to the Beach/Bay/Lake/Water Source and don't apply any sun screen and end up with a awesome (read:painful) sunburn.
 Backstory- It's Sunday and it's b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l outside 85* and fluffy white clouds. We are on our way to Kentucky Lake to run Juniors boat to ensure it's good to go for the season. After the boat gets unloaded and on the water, we are off! Our friend Jerry came also to show us the ropes. I guess I should say to show Junior where shallow spots, good and bad areas. Oh by the way during the Winter Pool (before they allow the dam to add water to the lake) the water is super shallow and rocks will fuck up an aluminum propeller.  So they're Captaining and Navigating and I'm lounging in the sun between fluffy clouds. After lunch at Fat Daddy's (wow that place is a confidence booster) we went to the other side of the lake and decided it was time to float. I think this is where things went really wrong. Sitting on the sun deck, listening to music and enjoying the company time just slipped away. I think we sat there for probably an hour with the bright beautiful sun bouncing off the lake. I was a nice light pink...for now. After the hour drive home and putting the boat away I was a nice shade of lobster red. It wasn't really warm enough for a bikini so to top it off, I now have a farmers tan from the shorts and tank top I was wearing. I guess one could think that this is a small blessing one less place I'm super red! So will I learn? Doubtful! Will I wear sunscreen next year? Probably Not... Will I wear it next time on the boat? For sure!

Aren't we the cutest?! The answer is yes!