Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday + Cake

Monday was Juniors birthday, but he was in Virginia on TDY so Wednesday when he got home we did dinner and cake just the two of us. He had the best request for his birthday dinner! Cheeseburgers, Fries and Baked Beans, easy and delicious! He didn't request a cake so I took it upon myself to make him a concoction of my own, Thin Mint Ice Cream Cake! Not one of those shabby Dairy Queen cakes that don't have actual cake (...really?!)

Anyway it isn't perfect, but I've been told it's delish. However, it was a total pain to make, so I had to inform Junior it might be his last ice cream cake. I'm going to post the recipe if someone else wants to attempt it, it's there!

Just my warning this cake took me 6 hours to finish! Also forgive the less than stellar instructions, I just do! I'm not great at explaining!

Thin Mint Ice Cream Cake:
1 Pkg Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers
2T Butter
1 Cake Mix (I used Devil's Food Chocolate)
1 Quart of Thin Mint Ice Cream
1 Container of Icing (I used Milk Chocolate)
Few Thin Mints for Decoration

--Bake the cake per box directions in 9" Pans
--Cool cakes COMPLETELY then Freeze for at least an hour
--Mix 1/2 pkg of Wafers and Butter in Food Processor then press into the bottom of a spring form pan
--Freeze crust for at least 1 hour
--After cakes are partially frozen remove ice cream and let soften at room temp for about 20-30 min
--Remove Cakes and Crust from freezer
Do not remove the top part of the spring form pan
--Spread a thick layer of ice cream onto the crust (using clean hands works really well)
--Place 1 cake onto ice cream and put another layer of ice cream onto cake - Be cautious when doing this as the ice cream can rip a layer of cake
--Place other cake on top and put back into the freezer for 2-3 hours
--After the cake has frozen all the way through remove from freezer and use a butter knife or spatula to separate the ice cream and cake from the spring form pan
--Place cake back into the freezer for 30 minutes
--Prepare your icing (Mix it to soften)
--Remove cake from freezer and frost cake (You must work QUICKLY as the melting ice cream makes it very hard to spread the icing)
--Once the cake is frosted it needs to go back into the freezer for several hours to set up.
When you're ready to serve give the cake a few minutes to soften so it's easier to cut.

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