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So about 6-8 months ago I decided that it probably wasn't a good time for me to be having children. I did some research and talked to my doctor and decided on an under skin implant called Implanon. I tried looking info up on the procedure, side effects, whatever I could find and I really came up short on any info other than from the manufacturer. So I thought I'd share my experience.

This is how my arm looks today, 3ish weeks after the procedure.

Here starts my implant journey. My doc scheduled me to come in for an office procedure. I was told that the numbing of my arm for the insertion would hurt the most of anything which would be minor burning and the poke of the needles. Let me tell you this was indeed the worst part it burned like a son-of-a-gun. It's a super tender part of your arm so of course it's going to be pretty uncomfortable. It took me a while to numb up (this happens at the dentist also) so they had to numb me twice. After she got me numb it took about 2 minutes for the insertion of the implant. I didn't watch this part, as the needle that they use is quite large and scary looking. When it was inserted she had me feel the implant under the skin so that I knew where it was and what it felt like. Then they placed a wad of gauze over the insertion site then covered it with an bandaid. They also wrapped my arm in gauze in a pressure bandage to stop the bleeding.

Cute right? How to accessorize this?

The wrap had to stay on for at least 24 hours and wasn't to get wet. (When I showered the next morning before work, I cut a rounded hole in a quart size sandwich bag and put my arm through securing it with a hair tie. It worked pretty well. To keep splashing to a minimum I kept my arm up by holding on to the shower rod.) On the way back home the numbing meds started to wear off so it was throbbing quite a bit but a couple tylenol took care of that. I didn't have any problems sleeping which I think is a miracle since I like to lay on my arms at night. The next morning after my shower I did need another set of pain relievers with breakfast. At 4:00pm I got to take my bandages off, and since Junior was TDY, I enlisted some help from someone at work.

24 Hours later (it was a little bleedy)

The doctor did warn that there would be significant bruising. I mean, that was a pretty invasive procedure if you think about it. The two very blue dots are marker where the insert started and stopped under the skin. When I got home and took off my cardigan my bandaid came with it so here's what it looked like later that night.
That bandaid was super harsh! I'm still missing skin from the removal

I had to keep a bandaid over the hole for 5 days so that it would close and heal properly. The little circle bandaids worked great!

Day 3 - The swelling was coming down a lot and you can see the implant a little.

I think this was when it the tenderness really started to subside. When I pressed against it, obviously it hurt, or rested my arm on my truck window letting my arm get some air wowzer that was painful. It really looks worse than it felt.

Day 5 - No more bandaids!

It's pretty clear that there is something in my arm here! The bruising is nearly gone now and the only time it really hurts is if there is pressure on the implant. I went out with some friends and one grabbed a hold of my arm and that hurt pretty good, but that's about it.

Day 7 - Yeah the missing skin looks really cute, I know!

So that's about it. I really would recommend this implant to anyone that's looking for long'ish term birth control. I'm going to have to have it removed in 3 years and get a new one. From what I'm told they will take a surgical knife and make a slit in my arm, pull the old one out and insert a new one. The whole ordeal costs me $45 (my copay) and covers the insertion and removal. I hope this has found someone and helped them understand what Implanon is and what the process involves!

One a much lighter side people get super grossed out when they notice the implant and ask about it. It's even better when I grab it and move it around a little they're super grossed out and start gagging. I think it's fun ;)

The OFFICIAL Site for the Implanon Implant:

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