Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Holy shit October is over...and my soul died a little last night.

So who else has been SICK as fuck over the last week? Last Tuesday and Wednesday I'm pretty sure I descended to the lower levels of hell on earth. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I decided sleeping was for pansies and then Sunday I slept for 11 hours. I feel a lot better this week, but I'm still coughing and congested.
"Amoxicillin, we talked about this and you're gonna 
make me feel better BEFORE the 10 days was up."

 Anyway so we've been working on redoing our downstairs laundry room / bathroom. Junior tried to get me to not work when I was ill, but let's just be real, not gonna happen. On Tuesday I cleaned out the bathroom/laundry room so that we could start the project. Mind you it look me 3 hours instead of the 20 minutes it should have, but whatev's it got done while he was at work.

Look at that shit. 1980's straight up...in case you can't tell that WHOLE shower is tiled, and can't be changed (easily) so avert your eyes.

So we thought this little project would take us the week. Tuesday to Sunday. Yeah try again it's next Tuesday and we still have about 2 more days of work, plus poor Junior is  building me a cabinet to hide all of our crap in. You know detergent, trashbags, etc. crap you don't want to see, but need in the laundry room.  Last night we attempted to put in the pedestal sink. Attempted because the shit ass plumbing from 30+ years ago just doesn't work with the crap they sell at Lowe's today.  At 8:30 I made Junior leave his tools and all that kind of shit laying in there so he could have at least an hour to himself to enjoy TV and laying on the couch.  I tried to help, I swear, but there's only so much you can help with. Anyway here are the walls painted and the floor redone. I'll get some more pictures up soon.

What a difference a coat of paint and some stick on floor tiles make!
Also, that sink was cast iron..wtf?

And on to my soul dying. Before we fought with the sink last night, we cleaned out the boat. We took out all the life jackets, the floating square that makes it legal to drive it in the lake, and all the fun stuff. That's it, the summer is officially over. Junior is taking it to be winterized today.  Begrudgingly bring on the sweaters (oh wait I'm wearing one today) scarves, and boots. Winter is coming.

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