Monday, April 2, 2012

I am such a dumb ass

Who loves boats? ME! I DO! Who thinks they're too bad ass to wear sunscreen out on the first outing of the year? ME! I AM! Why do we  I do this? Every Spring/Summer I go out to the Beach/Bay/Lake/Water Source and don't apply any sun screen and end up with a awesome (read:painful) sunburn.
 Backstory- It's Sunday and it's b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l outside 85* and fluffy white clouds. We are on our way to Kentucky Lake to run Juniors boat to ensure it's good to go for the season. After the boat gets unloaded and on the water, we are off! Our friend Jerry came also to show us the ropes. I guess I should say to show Junior where shallow spots, good and bad areas. Oh by the way during the Winter Pool (before they allow the dam to add water to the lake) the water is super shallow and rocks will fuck up an aluminum propeller.  So they're Captaining and Navigating and I'm lounging in the sun between fluffy clouds. After lunch at Fat Daddy's (wow that place is a confidence booster) we went to the other side of the lake and decided it was time to float. I think this is where things went really wrong. Sitting on the sun deck, listening to music and enjoying the company time just slipped away. I think we sat there for probably an hour with the bright beautiful sun bouncing off the lake. I was a nice light pink...for now. After the hour drive home and putting the boat away I was a nice shade of lobster red. It wasn't really warm enough for a bikini so to top it off, I now have a farmers tan from the shorts and tank top I was wearing. I guess one could think that this is a small blessing one less place I'm super red! So will I learn? Doubtful! Will I wear sunscreen next year? Probably Not... Will I wear it next time on the boat? For sure!

Aren't we the cutest?! The answer is yes!

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