Monday, June 11, 2012

He's the best..No joke!

So Junior came home last night from his TDY trip in Albuquerque (I get him for 6 days, then he leaves again...sad panda) Anyway as I was finishing up dinner he came and handed me a UPS Package, with an apology for not wrapping it, and a card. After I wrastled (yes it's a southern word, shut up) the UPS bag open I found a custom made apron! You can see the original HERE but mine was white with PURPLE GLITTER lettering. I'm totally grilling in it later tonight and posting a picture of our awesomeness later.  Wait though, it gets better! I opened the card and after my rottweiler got done losing his shit at the singing card, I found a gift certificate for a Day at the Spa! OH MY GOD.. An Aveda Essential Facial, One-Hour Elemental Massage, lunch, and choice of an Elemental Hand Treatment or Elemental Foot Treatment. Now just the decision of when to take it!

Ok now on to some more work giggles. So remember last week when I thought I was getting fired, but my boss thinks I'm kinda awesome? Well the other day a manager mentioned that we needed more people in the area that I'm headed to, and the little grumpy lady got super pissed cause no one offered her the option. I turned around and asked her did she mention anything to him? Her response "Whatever I don't care" ... ... Are you effing kidding me?! Here's a couple things she could do to maybe, maybe be considered. 1. Stop bitching when someone asks her to do something out of the norm. 2. Be nicer to people. Not only the people that work with us, but to the 543512346 people that walk in and out of our offices on a daily basis. 3. Stop making 10 doctor appointments per week/ Work 40 hours CONSISTENTLY, not just once a month. 4. When the GM tasks you with something don't bitch out loud about it as his office is within arms reach of your desk. KTHX <3

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