Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

OhmygodI'msofreakingtired! I'm back from Trip #2 to Florida in 3 weeks. Let me tell you how much driving 8 hours alone sucks! I swear I almost committed suicide due to boredom yesterday on my way back home. I can normally take it, no bigs, but driving that many times that close to each other, I'm totally not a fan, and if I can help it, it's not happening for a couple months or without Junior. Duke was with me, but he's not much for keeping me company, and he won't share in the driving! What a jerk, right?
He's real cute though

Anyway... So our weekend started Friday afternoon. We only had one wedding and one prep Friday so it wasn't bad, and I most all the prep work in TN last week so that was awesome! We did chair covers and ties at the Embassy Suites, and we also made fun of peoples shit taste! What the hell are people thinking when they are planning their weddings?!

 It's your wedding, not prom people!

Yeah I tied all those, I love it. Sad, I know.
That tacky purple shell fish bowl concoction wasn't even the worst one of the weekend! Saturday we had apples. Like girl loved apples!!! "OMG I LOVE APPLES"

Back on subject here. So there are my chair covers and ties. After that we had to set up the wedding on the beach. It was so pretty that day! Nice and cool on the water. We delivered some bouquets to the bridal party, dropped some benches off on the water, then had to wait for them to say their I Do's so we could load up and go home. 

 Tables for the reception

We have to entertain ourselves while we wait!

Saturday was a busy, BUSY day! I bet I logged 200 miles on my truck! At 7am we started at the house and then 3 vehicles went 3 ways! I headed to Rosemary Beach (never been? that's sad! It's wonderful) then to pick up vases from the previous nights wedding (btw- the guys are Cafe 30-A are douches) then to Destin for chair ties, then to Eglin AFB for more set up, then back to Destin to unload chairs, then back to Eglin to move chairs around and make sure the room was set to go. I left Eglin at 6:30pm went home for 3 hours for dinner and cake!
Thanks Paul! I love icing up my nose!

Then headed back to Eglin for clean up and chair removal! Our day ended a little after midnight. I know cause Sunday was my birthday and Junior called me at 12:00 exactly to wish me Happy Birthday ( I Love Him) and I was still not home yet!

 How the delivery van started the day!

How it ended the day! 
No flowers + 60 white chairs and misc crap from the day!

 Everyone wants peonies right strange

Room 1 of 2 at Eglin

Room 2 of 2 at Eglin aka My Bloody Valentine wedding
(Don't hate, we can't make Brides make better choices!)

I made some nice money this weekend, got to see the family, celebrated my birthday. Now though, I'm exhausted! I'm taking a nap after work! If I don't, I swear I'll die! Junior is in Albuquerque now for TDY so I get to have another birthday on Sunday! I just hope this one isn't as tiring!

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