Thursday, May 31, 2012

Caution: Curveball ahead!

So my boss is a pretty cool guy, but he's pretty quiet and keeps to himself. I'm normally one that can get people to open up and just in general people seem to like me, well except my ex-mother-in-law (that's another time and story though.) So over the last 6'ish months I've been wracking my brain on why in the hell I can't get him to act more relaxed and down to earth with me. Then one day maybe two weeks ago BAM! Cool Boss comes out. It was awesome! He jokes around and just seems more comfortable. Well yesterday one of the guys I work with comes looking for the managers and I tell him they're in a meeting, he says "They're STILL in that restructure meeting?!" I had no idea, but restructure! That's some bad shit right there! All the managers come out looking all pissed off...great... and Cool Boss (CB) says "Hey Amber, can I see you in my office for a minute?"   F M L   I head in and he's all like oh wait finish what you're working on, and I need to hop on a call, but definitely see me before you leave.   F M L  Ok panic mode! But wait!! I can't be fired! I'm awesome! and if anyone deserves to be fired, it's angry/complainer lady! Anyway I'm working away and he calls me back in to his office and he's all "Oh the call might run until after 4:30, so I'll talk to you now" Then he tells me that's there's going to be some change here, and there's some spots coming open ... F M L... "There's going to be a couple Purchasing spots, and Production Control spots coming open, and while you do a great job at your desk, I think we know your talent is being wasted answering phones and the other things there" O M G! I'M NOT FIRED & YOU WANT TO PROMOTE ME?! YESSSSSSS!!! He essentially told me to apply for one of the spots, no resume needed or anything! Talk about a game changer! Either one of the spots (though I'd like the purchasing spot) will be a $3-4 /hr pay raise! w00t! That's gonna help pay for my new truck!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE her but she's a Money Sucker

 I'm super excited, and so is Junior! CB wouldn't tell me when all of this is going down, but he did say sooner rather then later. I'm totally hoping for next month! That would be fantastic. Luckily I'm the person that has to turn in ID Cards and Badges so I'll know pretty quick when the other people are let go. Sad for them I know, but yay for me!

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