Friday, April 27, 2012

What happened?! Now, with Pictures!

So there are lots of fun things going on right now. We are fixing up the house and have finished 2 rooms are near done with the living area downstairs (damn you icky downstairs bathroom!!) and I'm a tiny bit of crown molding as a shoe rack away from my dressing room (the second spare bedroom) being done. Yes you heard that right, Junior let me turn a spare bedroom (the larger of the two) into my own dressing room/closet! He's the best boyfriend EVER! This is why I love him so much! This weekend though we will finish up everything that will make entertaining easier. The guest bedroom needs one more picture hung, the down stairs needs the components put into the beautiful floating entertainment center. It's all very exciting! I just wish I had pictures of the basement before we re-finished it. Picture this: lovely burnt orange colored carpeting, wood paneling painted grey, and the faint musty smell of "Chevy" the lab that lived down there with her owner a few months prior to me moving in. Every night I go home hoping to relax a little and end up working on the house, and by the end of the night we are completely exhausted! Thank goodness that we are damn near done, as my bank account really is dunzo! At least we can have a fun beautiful place to be poor and hang out!
Next thing... OMG my legs are KILLING ME!! I decided that since my prized size 6 jeans (I was a 10/12 this time last year) were getting a little too tight it's work out time! Ugh. 3 days ago I used the hip machine, this thing does like 8 different exercises on one machine! Anyway I exercised the heck out of my legs and yes 3 days later, I feel like someone punched me repeatedly on my thighs and where my dancers dimple is! My legs hurting this bad means no gym and that means no burning calories! No bueno!
Hopefully I can get some pics up soon of the house being all beautiful and such!

Until next time!
<3 Amber



 Custom entertainment center by Junior
 "Man Things" Shiny New Drums and Gun Safe
 My Dressing Room with Great-Grandma Reynolds' Vanity!
 My heels are up and off the floor! Thank God!
 Upstairs with my cat (she loves to jump in pictures)

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