Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh Joffrey, How I wish I could squish your little head with my heels

Lets talk for a few minutes about Game of Thrones. Please tell me that you love it as much as I do! If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about please educate yourself (Here and Here) about how fantastic this series is.  I'll wait ... ... ...  You're Welcome! Ok, moving on. First a big thank you to Junior for hooking me on this show, just what I need, another series that if I miss it I just want to die. Ok seriously it's time to talk about this little evil fucker Joffrey on the show. Last night he makes me think that he's going to kill his wonderful little Stark Bride-To-Be Sansa Thank goodness Tyrion comes in a belittles that little turd and has her led away to safety. THEN Tyrion figures that the adolescent has some "pent up aggression" so he sends him some whores (what an awesome uncle) and instead of taking his stress out on them he has one beat the other to death while he watches...WTF!? Junior thinks it's the inbreeding...Good point darling, you're probably right. I know that it's real sad to want a character on a show dead, but wow the writers on that show just know how to push you over the edge with him. We are currently taking bets on who is going to snap and slit Joffrey's throat. My bet is on Sansa getting pushed just a little to far and taking an opportunity to ram a dagger into him. Maybe his slut of a mom could do it, as evil as she is I think him slaughtering the babies of the city irked her. Anyway I don't care who does it, but someone should! STAT! Every Sunday at 8pm I'll be watching, waiting for his death, so please, I beg of you don't call or text during that hour. 

For your entertainment you can click here to see a YouTube video of Joffrey getting slapped for 10 minutes by Tyrion. It's highly amusing to leave it playing off to the side of your screen so you can catch a glimpse of it every so often and chuckle. 

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