Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Awkward

So working back on the compound has been 97% awesome! Back to being able to see the people I missed so much while I was gone. Working 2 hangars away from Junior. Have a cake easy job. There is that 3% though that is so awkward! Back-story: I initially got a job working on the compound in 2009 working for DynCorp via a friend who write contracts for the unit that I met through my ex husband (the d-bag.) Really most of the time, it's not what you know, it's who you know. The d-bag was in the army at the time stationed here at Fort Campbell, he worked at the hangar next to mine and a lot of people knew him and me. So now a few times per month I run into someone who knew me as Mrs. Chewy (normally that's what they call me also) and have to explain to them that we're divorced and he's still going to school in another state. Then I get the whole "Oh man I'm so sorry" to which I normally want to say "It's ok I'm totally better off without that douche" but I just smile politely and tell them it's ok and it really is the best for both of us. Still though 3 months after the divorce was finalized and 8 months of being separated it's still a super awkward conversation that I don't enjoy having. If I only have to deal with 3% awkward though, I guess it's totally worth it. I really am happier than ever and am just enjoying my life.

Really though who wouldn't love this being their life?!
 Preparing a good bye speech

 Bye Jeff, we'll miss you!

 Gary, you are such a good window cleaner, Thank You!

 The Ladies of SOATC

 Some of my SOATC favorites

My SOATC favorite! This is how we roll

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