Friday, April 6, 2012

First Wold Problem

So today we're going to talk about my job. Why I love it normally, what could be better and today why I hate it! I currently work for Boeing & Sikorsky in their joint venture for the 160th at Fort Campbell. I know that sounds all super swoopy and important, but I'm an admin. Yeah I answer phones mostly. I sit at a desk in the front of our "building" (I use that term loosely, another day another post though) with another lady and greet people that come in, answer phones, kinda what ever needs to be done. Mostly though I blog, check Facebook, play DrawSomething (AmberLHolt look me up) with my mom, and talk to the people that don't annoy the shit outta me (I stare hard at my monitor trying to ignore them when a creeper comes up to my desk...rarely does it work though)

CHECK! Winner, right here!

There are some miscellaneous things I have to do each week too, like keep our food store stocked, order supplies, escort people onto our compound, and entertain my co-workers. Pretty awesome I think, with a not too shabby wage. There are a couple things that I need changed ASAP! I'm a smart girl, I can multitask like a champ, and pressure? Totally love it! So I need some more responsibilities! When I worked on the compound last time I took a job that a monkey could do in his sleep (except the lady before me, she was an effing moron! Good thing though, yay job for me!) and added like 10 things to my plate. People came to me for everything and I LOVED IT! They needed help with training... "Let's go see Amber" They needed a tool box inventory typed... "Let's go see Amber" They needed someone to drive them to the airport ... "Let's go see Amber"  They needed to bitch about their wives ... "Let's go see Amber" It was the best! Here though? Not so much. While it is nice to have a super easy job, sometimes it blows! I'm fairly certain on Wednesday I actually got the the end of Pinterest! It does exist I swear! Oh lets not forget the seven books I've read just while at work since January, you think I kid...3 Chelsea Handler Books, "White Girl Problems", "The First Husband", "Breaking Dawn", "I Hate Everyone (and other atrocious lies)" yeah that's 7! Thank god for the Kindle and it's many reading apps.

This brings us to today, and probably about 7 other days per year. Today is Good Friday and it's a DONSA for the Army and many of the other contractors. We, however, are working with 1 other company and that's it! There is NOTHING GOING ON TODAY! Looking out in our parking lot that we share with another hangar there is 15 cars. What makes it worse though is knowing that I'm sitting here doing, not a damn thing when I could be packing and leaving for Florida. Oh Florida how I long to see you!

I know it's super shitty to be complaining when I have a job and there are so many others that don't, but ... but...

Until next time

<3 Amber

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