Friday, April 20, 2012

Deep breaths will save my (and your) life.

This week has been ridiculous in the "I've had it up to here and the next person that whines at/near/around my desk I will fucking strangle your ass" kind of way. Most days people will bitch and I can just smile, nod and throw out a non-committal "uh-huh." This week, not so much. I had to take every ounce of my being to not bitch slap people. Luckily this was only at work, so Junior was totally safe. For example a lady at work came in late, about 10:30 probably and did nothing but complain and bitch for 3 straight hours! HOW IS YOUR LIFE THAT BAD!? THREE HOURS! You missed 3.5 hours of work by choice! Today is Friday and my mood has very much improved, thank you Mr. Weekend!

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