Monday, May 7, 2012

Free! To Good Home! **Update**

So I always hear people talking about how their cats are such characters. My cat Lola is an adorable little Tortoise Shell.

 My Lola when she was a baby..Awwww

 She loves Coach too!

She wasn't much of a character until recently... She was a rescue when I was living in Wisconsin at the time with my ex-husband. Our marriage wasn't great so we adopted Lola, kinda I think to give me someone else to have there to keep me company. She's the most adorable thing I swear. Like all cats though she can be such a spaz. When I moved her from WI to FL she did awesome on the 16 hour car ride. She sat still and quiet in her carrier for 8 hours a day, we smuggled her into hotel rooms and let her roam and use the litter box. When we got to Florida her pattern of shit behavior started. I left her with my Dad (at his house, where I was moving back to) in Florida while me and Mom flew to Utah to visit family. We were gone 2 days when Dad called and said that Lola had pee'd on my pillow. Ok, I get it you're mad I left you in a new place after we'd only been there 2 days, I'm sorry! Fast forward a few months and I decide to move to TN. After a month of me being there I go back to Florida and bring the animals to TN. We're there several weeks and I decide to pop down to Florida for the weekend. I leave Lola out plenty of food and a big thing of water. I get back a couple days later and there is pee everywhere on the guest bedroom bed! ARGH I left you alone again...I get it you don't like that but you  need to get over that shit! I now have a cat sitter for when I go out of town (stop laughing) who has to have a cat sitter for 2 day trips?! Me!

The ultimate sin though? That happened this morning. It's Monday, obviously I'm running late! I shower, get dressed, blah blah you know the routine, make lunch and I'm ready to head out the door. Pop back into my dressing room and grab my heels and what do I see? ...


Yeah those are my less than a year old Sperry's and my pristine white Puma's that I take such good care of! LOOK HOW WHITE THEY ARE!! That bitch is going to die. Here's the worst part I was late, as I said and it's not like I can call my boss and be like "Hai, so my cat puked on my most favorite and also expensive shoes, so I need to be late today so I can clean them up" He'd be like " ... uhh .... get to work!" So there they sit, in my closet, with cat puke on them until I get home from work tonight. It's not going to be a pretty situation when lock her in the room with me while I clean them and scream at her. not working. Anyone want a cat?


Officially I have the best boyfriend on the planet! When I finally made it home from the gym the other night, I walked in and Junior told me that he didn't fully clean my shoes as he didn't want to hurt them. He did however clean up all of the cat puke from the carpet and off/out of my shoes. Also cat puke does indeed stain white pumas.

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