Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Am I being punished?

   I was in Florida for the weekend with Mom. She is a wedding florist, and in January she booked 4 weddings in one day in 4 locations, so she asked if I wanted to come and earn a few extra bucks and gas money? Ummm yes please! Money and quality hang time with the family, love it! I did over do it a bit though carrying bistro tables up a hill. I mean, who wants to make 3 trips? Not I friends, not I.
   Anyway back to my point I had a super weekend with the family, and came home to Junior (there isn't much better than seeing his face after being away from him all weekend) all in all it's lovely. Yesterday was an average day nothing to note other than the DOWNPOUR that not only flooded the streets, but also cleaned the bugs off my truck..win! But today, seriously it's like I'm being punished for having a wonderful weekend, and having friends come see me this weekend. Everyone in my office has something shoved up their ass, sideways, with spikes.
   It's like nothing can go right for the lady that sits behind me. She came in late (again...blah blah physical therapy...blah blah) and hasn't stopped bitching since 9am. I'm on the verge of taking a tube light bulb to my eye. So that I can leave early.
  See the light bulb there next to "Beyonce"
   If that's not enough, I have approximately 18 minutes until I have to leave for my root canal! This is so unfair! I guess if I have to deal with this crap for 2 days, this weekend has to come back at me 100% better right?! Let's hope!

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