Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slow it down there missy!

   How many of your friends are getting engaged? Married? Having babies? Yeah all of mine too! Being with Junior, living with him, being so loved by him, that's what I think about... When are we going to get engaged!? Then I give my self a mental bitch slap and think "Why, dear, are you in such a hurry?"
   Aside from a ring on my finger and the state of Tennessee taking all of our money as Mr. and Mrs. we're as good as and when I remember that, I'm cool. There is also that little thing about me only being divorced for 4 months! (Slow it down there missy!) I feel like I'm doing a great job pushing my ex completely out of my mind and life. It feels WAY longer than 4 months!
    I don't need a ring and a sheet of (very expensive) paper to feel like I do now. Coming from me that surprises the hell out of me! I'm very ashamed to admit to my (1-2) readers that I'm all about the pretty and material things...within reason! I can't help it though!
   The love I feel for Junior when he's sitting next to me on the couch and we're eating dinner, when we're folding laundry, when he's sitting in the car behind me and I see him in the rear view, or when he walks up behind me when I'm cooking dinner, kisses me and says, "Thank You" fills my heart almost to the bursting point.
   Cohabitating, engaged or married it doesn't matter all I need is what I have right now. Anything extra would just be a bonus! He's not going anywhere and neither am I! So now I just need to give myself that little weekly pep talk when I see my friends all doing those "fun" things. The time will come when he's ready and when I'm truly ready too!

So, this is love? I never knew before him

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