Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You damn lying receptionist!

So yesterday after my THREE Hours in the dental chair for my root canal I got quite the surprise. Let's back track a little bit here.
   Last week when I went in for my initial appointment to complain about my sore tooth they weren't sure I needed a root canal. I had a lovely cavity that was pretty close to the nerve and the chances were slim that he could just do a filling, but I was assured that when I checked out they would do a "worst case scenario" bill work up for me. So when I went to check out after my cleaning (LOVE IT!) the receptionist lady took my insurance info and told me that I would owe them a whopping $570 on my next visit! Although if I made it in Tuesday they would take $100 off for "customer appreciation day" umm yeah, sign me up please!
   They called me Monday and asked if I could come in early as they scheduled my appointment too short. I agreed and on Tuesday I left work early, so excited for my tooth to be fixed! Obviously when I get there in the chair and he's drilling around, I needed a root canal (he needed to make his truck payment, right? Whatevs, he's really a nice dentist and I like him rather a lot.)
   I sat there for 3 freaking hours with my mouth wide open and drool running all over because of that damn dental dam, finally I'm released with my instructions (no Snickers for 3 weeks! O.M.G.) and my dosage info for Motrin. Heading up to the receptionist I start getting my wallet out for my payment when I hear the words "Ok Miss Holt it looks like your portion is $981.81" ...SKIIIIIR WHAT?! After I told her she must be mistaken, that I was quoted just 6 days ago that my "Worst Case Scenario" was $570 minus $100 for letting him drill in my head for 3 freaking hours. She pulls up my quote and says "Oh it looks like they didn't put in the root canal for the estimate"  WHAT! THE! FUCK? This is not the kind of surprise when you're sore, chubby from Novocaine, and tired from waking up at 5:30! What can you do though? I just handed over my Care Credit info and she charged $881.81 (don't forget my customer appreciation discount!)
   Head hanging low I headed to the house to be consoled by Junior. 2.5 hours later I was still numb in my cheek and absolutely starving, I decided that I needed to eat something or else I was going to DIE. I made some skillet potatoes, nice and soft, with little chance of me biting a hole in my cheek. Not long after that I gave Junior the sad face and asked him to take me to bed. I woke up this morning not too sore, just a bit where I took the shots in the cheek and my jaw from being open for 3 hours straight.
   There is a snickers bar in my desk drawer. I want it. I will however resist the urge, until at least tomorrow. I figure 24 hours to set the temp crown should be plenty. F-U-C-K giving up Snickers/Doritos/Mt. Dew it's not happening!

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