Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lets talk about Losing Weight and Healthy Eating, Or the lack there of it!

Ok so we all know about that special lady that irritates me on daily basis at work, right? Ok well  she's been on this "I need to lose weight" kick for like, ever. Seriously, since I've been there (started late November 2011) she's lost 10 lbs. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my pants were getting a little tighter than I'd like so I decided to start back at the gym and watching what I eat a little more. Since I've been doing this it's dawned on me that she's never going to lose more weight, and here's why:
   1. She goes to Curves (24mo contract...ouch) and she's done with her "work out" within 30 minutes. I get that you can totally do a 30 minute work out, but when someone complains their knee hurts walking from their desk to the bathroom?? and I've discovered that the most she's ever done on the elliptical is 30 min?? I seriously doubt that's effective.
    2. You should see this woman eat! Today she goes for a "Healthy" lunch to Denny's (??) for a salad. I just finished looking up the calories and fat content. (I hope you're sitting down) 490 Calories...IN A SALAD! Not counting the soda and Skinny Cow candy bar she had with it! Now I'm not a vision of health but WOW. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich, ruffles baked chips, 1/2 of a king size snickers and a bottle of water, all for a whopping 364 calories! Later, I will also have a few Hershey's drops and some soy nuts and maybe a Mt. Dew and I'll be just 20 calories over what she had, just for lunch! Tomorrow my guess (after seeing her trends) is she'll go to Wendy's and get a salad and a baked potato (660 Calories if she get's the 1/2 salad) At that point just get the fried chicken sandwich it's only 40 more calories and I bet it's WAY more filling.
   3. She will be "bad" at work and go over her calories for the day...how is THAT even possible... and then she'll say "Well I guess I cant eat anything else for the day" Yeah it's 2pm I don't see that shit happening.
   I just really don't get people. Everyone says that they want to lose weight and then they do nothing to help themselves, so then obviously complaining about it will help right?!
   As for me, I can't say that I'm really upset about the slight weight gain I'm having. When I was super unhappy in Wisconsin I was dropping weight like no tomorrow. Eff that! I'm happier now then I have been in a really, really long time so I'll take Size 6/8 Happy Amber over Size 4/6 Miserable Amber any day!

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