Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What makes you think you're so entitled?! I mean really?

What is wrong with people? Really though what. the. hell. is wrong with people today? I am not here to cater to you, to your wife, to your children. I am here to do what is in my job description and what my boss asks me to do, yeah that's about it. I'm real sick of people, at work specifically, thinking firstly that they don't need to clean up after themselves. I don't have children at my house as I have chosen not too, so I don't clean up after kids at home, you can damn sure bet that I'm not cleaning up after gown adults at work. I'm BY FAR the youngest person in my office and I'm fairly certain the one with the most common sense!
Secondly when I plan an event (yes that's in my job description) and we are willing to pay to feed you, get you drunk and entertain you DO NOT complain, seriously don't effing do it. When we take you to the best pizza/beer place in town, organize an all you can eat buffet with different types of pizza and pasta and provide you a free bar tab and you feel the need to complain that "tomato sauce gives you heartburn" or "my wife needs something gluten free" that's too freaking bad! Eat before you come or here's a better idea, don't come...Please. Here's where I come from: I am one of the most picky people ON THE PLANET. I know when I go to an outing or get together there's a pretty huge chance that I'm not going to like what is provided to me, so 9 times outta 10 I'm going to eat before I go. Also I don't drink much, but I love me some screwdrivers. Beer though? Yea not so much, so if you don't have vodka (I'm not greedy I'll drink well) and some OJ, guess what? I'll take an ice water (not one of them fancy bottles) some tap water and ice. Water sustains life! When we have a pot luck at work, no thanks! I'll bring my lunch (seriously people are super gross! If you can't wash your hands at work where people can see you walk outta the bathroom, what are you doing in the privacy of your own home while preparing food?) and I won't even complain that everyone else gets some tasty (I use that term loosely) treats and I get a bologna sandwich and some Doritos from home.
When did things take such a turn for the worse? The army has this saying "a kinder more gentler army" that's total bullshit and it's rubbing off on everyone here. Kinder and gentler gets you beat up. Kinder and gentler turns you soft. Toughen up people seriously. Act like you're a competent human being. I'm super tired of wiping your ass, that's not what I get paid for.
Then off in another total direction I am going to smack a bitch (again) if people don't stop complaining about shit that I can't control!

<3 Ok I'm done with the hate! In my defense though I've had this post partially done since last Wednesday so I've been on material over load.

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  1. Amber - never apologize for what your mood in a post ... that's what makes blogs worth reading! Plus, it's like an archive of what you were feeling like right then ...

    the tragedy is when kindness is mistaken for weakness. I feel myself trying to be more hardened, and it's a shame, because this world needs more kindness, not less.

    Let's try and do our part.